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I usually work on a series of pieces that have a common design theme, so the gallery is organized with that in mind. I have an abiding interest in the great architecture of the world, and that interest has informed and inspired much of my work. I have utilized design motifs taken from Classical, Byzantine, Indian, Japanese and other architectural disciplines. I have also studied and integrated pottery shapes from Classical Greek and Roman and Southwestern Pueblo Indian designs, as well as glass work. Blending these varied influences into wooden objects, there may be a piece with a base reminiscent of a New Mexican Pueblo water pot, transitioning to a fluted skirt inspired by the minarets of the Taj Mahal, surmounted by an onion-shaped fluted finial as would be seen on St. Basil's Church in Moscow.

The thumbnail images below link to the various galleries of woodwork, which contain photos of individual pieces as well as detailed photos of some of the work shown. All pieces are dated and signed with the "JH" logo shown above. There is a contact form to follow up on price and availability of any pieces of interest.

The photographs of my work on this site were taken by me, and I have included a photography gallery to show some of my other photographic work.

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Lidded Hollow Vessels
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Lidded Urns
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