Gallery–Lidded Urns

These vessels take their inspiration from classical Greek and Roman funereal urns. The grailing surrounding some of the rose pattern decorations inside the lids is created by cutting a series of concentric small grooves giving the finished effect of a matte background. The thumbnail index is arranged in succession from top to bottom on the leftmost column, and from right to left for the remainder, beginning at top right. The captions are uniquely numbered for each piece. Click on any thumbnail image to see a larger image. There is a contact form to follow up on price and availability of any pieces of interest.

Lidded Urn 07
Lidded Urn 01b
Lidded Urn 01a
Lidded Urn 01
Lidded Urn 01
LIdded Urn 07a Lidded Urn 02b Lidded Urn 02a
LIdded Urn 02
Lidded Urn 07b Lidded Urn 03b LIdded Urn 03a LIdded Urn 03
Lidded Urn 07c Lidded Urn 04b LIdded Urn 04a Lidded Urn 04
Lidded Urn 07d LIdded Urn 06 Lidded Urn 05a Lidded Urn 05