Gallery–Mini Kaleidoscopes

These small brass kaleidoscopes are manufactured by Van Cort Instruments. They are fitted with ornamented African blackwood tubes and endpieces. The kaleidoscopes rest on a mahogany base covered with felt. Dimensions of African Blackwood kaleidoscope tubes are about 7/8" diameter by 5 3/4" length. The thumbnail index is arranged in succession from right to left, beginning at top right, and the captions are uniquely numbered for each piece. Click a thumbnail image below to view a larger image. The top two images show patterns viewed through the kaleidoscopes. There is a contact form to follow up on price and availability of any pieces of interest.

Kaleidoscope Pattern #2 Kaleidoscope Pattern #1
Kaleidoscope Pattern #1

Mini Kaleidoscope No. 2 Mini Kaleidoscope No. 1
Mini Kaleidoscope No. 4 Mini Kaleidoscope No. 3
Mini Kaleidoscope No. 6 Mini Kaleidoscope No. 5