"Spiral Pyramids" Perfume Bottle

[PB18] (Size: 1 3/8"D x 4 1/2"H)
This is a classic steeple design utilizing cocobolo for the base, African blackwood for the trim rings, Algerian pipe briar for the dome and a snakewood top finial. The base is cut with crossing spiral patterns at different depths to create a spiral band that borders a field of shallow pyramid-shaped ornament. Slots are cut in the blackwood trim bands to enhance the verticality of the design. The dome is highly-figured, chatoyant briar which flashes, mother-of-pearl-like, when moved in the light. The blackwood finial is tapered to give further lift to the piece and finally it is surmounted by the flame-shaped snakewood finial. An improved O-ring coupler securely holds the glass bottle liner in the base, yet allows for easy removal to fill with fragrance.

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