Wallpaper from Wood Samples

[WP10] Bocote(Cordia spp)

This wood grows in Mexico and Central America. This wood can be wildly figured with small knots and 'spider' filigree-like patterns in black against a gold-brown background. Because its figure can be so spectacular, it must be used carefully in ornamental turning so as not to have the figure competing with the pattern of cuts. It is a medium heavy wood, with a density averaging 53 pounds per cubic foot (832 kilograms per cubic meter). Bocote is very oily and takes a clean cut with the ornamental cutter but is somewhat porous compared to the finer textured woods. It has possibilites in designs where its strong figure is set to good advantage as a counterpoint to an ornamental turning pattern and in combination with plainer woods such as African blackwood in polychromatic designs.

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