Classical Bookends

(Size [each]: 7"W x 6"D x 9"H)

Black granite, curly maple, macassar ebony, gabon ebony, pink ivory, boxwood, African blackwood, amboyna burl, rhodonite cabochon set in gold-filled bezel. This set of 2 bookends is a commission for Dr. Joseph A. Smith and is in his private collection of my work. The inspiration for the design came from Dr. Smith's love of classical architecture. The architectural building is inspired by the Parthenon and other classical structures with a corbelled dome resting on an arcade and drum. The column is taken from such monumental decorative columns such as Trajan's Column in the Forum of Trajan in Rome and Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square in London. Curly maple is used for the bookend structure and is mounted on 1" thick black granite bases. The building has a series of lower drums of macassar ebony topped by boxwood roofs. The upper stepped arcades are of gabon ebony, cut with a drill frame with a series of slots to simulate open arcades. At the top of the arcades in the cornice for the dome, dentil molding is cut in the ebony where the steps begin for the dome. Topping the arcades is a corbelled, or stepped, dome of pink ivory. The cupola topping this structure is blackwood with a miniature arcade which has pink ivory inlaid into the openings and a dentil molding cut at the base of the dome. The monumental column in the courtyard is of amboyna burl and is tapered with a blackwood base and capitol. The capitol has a slotted cove inlaid with pink ivory and is capped with a 4 mm. cabochon of rhodonite, a pink gemstone from South Africa, set in a gold-filled bezel. See details-4 (111 KB).

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