The Lawler Lathe

A Modern Ornamental Turning Lathe. This lathe has a 14" swing over the bed, 8" over the side rest, and is 38" between centers. The spindle nose is 1"-8 TPI. The spindle and tail stock have a #2 Internal Morse Taper. The bronze headstock pulley has five speed steps, 600-2400 RPM, index plate with 96, 112, 120, 144, and 192 holes, with an adjustable index pin, and a 180 tooth worm gear for indexing or slow motion drive. The bed is steel, and the ways are 1" dia. hardened and ground, spaced 10" apart. The motor is 1 HP, 110 volt, 1725 RPM. The overall length is 69", the width is 33", the height to the top of the head stock is 51", and the height to the top of the overhead drive is 84". The weight is 750 pounds. The lathe is painted black, has many bronze parts, and 3" thick genuine Mahogany legs. Standard ornamental turning equipment includes an Ornamental Slide Rest, Spiral Apparatus (16 gears for threading and spiraling), Curvilinear Apparatus (for full length tracing on the lathe), Overhead Drive System, Universal Cutting Frame and cutters, and the Drill Cutting Frame and cutters. Standard accessosries include a spur drive center, live tail stock center, face plate, 1" pin chuck, 3/4" pin chuck, and one set of wrenches. Available as accessories are an Eccentric Cutting Frame, Reciprocator, Ellipse Chuck and Cam Ring, a Compensating Index for the equal division of the ellipse, Eccentric/Rectilinear Chuck, Deep Cutting Frame, Fluting Stops, and slow-motion Gear Motor Drive.

Information on this lathe may be obtained by contacting:

Ray Lawler
The Lawler Gear Corp.
1320 SE Hamblen Rd.
Lee's Summit, MO 64081

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