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An Archaic Craft Form Finds a Modern Renewal
in the Work of a Texas Artist

In central Texas, at the southern edge of the Lost Pines of Bastrop County, a local craftsman is attempting a personal revival of an elaborate form of wood turning which has been little practiced since the Victorian era. This craftsman, James Harris--a woodworker for over 25 years, has built his own apparatus on a machinist's lathe to accomplish this exacting, precise form of ornamenting wooden lathe-turned objects--the craft of ornamental turning.

In the following pages, you can read a brief history of ornamental turning (OT) as well as finding out about the artist/craftsman and his particular apparatus to create this work. You can also view a gallery of some of his work, consult a bibliography of writings about the subject of ornamental turning and read about the African Blackwood Conservation Project. If you wish you can request information about availability of gallery items or about the conservation project. Click on Gallery below to see an introduction to and explanation of the work exhibited, and to access a unique section of pages wallpapered with images of wood samples. But if you'd rather see the Gallery ornamental turning exhibits right now, click a thumbnail image of one of the three gallery sections below to begin the tour! See the menu below for a complete listing of offerings in this home page presentation.

Notes on Navigating this Presentation: To use the menu from this page for ease of navigation between sections without having to reload the images on this page, you may access a mostly text-only HomePage from any of the various sections of this presentation in the navigation bar at the bottom each page. You may return to this Introduction at any time from that HomePage by clicking the INTRODUCTION TO THIS WEB SITE link.

About the Artist/Craftsman

Woodturning Magazine Feature
Winner of The Friendship Cup
1999 Schedule of Art Shows

A Gallery of Works by the Artist

Christmas Exhibition and Sale, Austin, Texas

Perfume/Scent Bottles


Special Projects

A Brief History of Ornamental Turning

Demonstration of an OT Project

A Grizzly Adaptation

A Bibliography--To Find Out More About Ornamental Turning

Conserving Wood for the Future

The End--A Philosophical Digression

To Request Information about Gallery Items or Conservation

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