The Tiered Pagoda Series, No. 1

[BX06] (Size: 1 3/8"D x 4 1/4"H)
Tiered Pagoda Series, No. 1. African blackwood, pink ivory, pink mother-of-pearl cabochons. No. 1 in a limited edition series of 4 pieces. Based on Japanese Shinto temple architecture with diminishing sizes of pagoda forms towards the top of the structure. Base drum is decorated with a delicate v-cut giving a perforated effect. The curving roof atop each drum is fluted with a convex round bit. The second level consists of 12 arcades topped by a "light" made of 4-mm pink mother-of-pearl gemstone cabochons. The third level is a very fine (only 0.030" wide) indexed spiral pattern. Surmounting the third level roof is a blackwood pinnacle topped by a flame finial of pink ivory. The first and second level roofs lift off to expose miniature box compartments within. An experiment in design to create a series of pieces with the same design but different materials throughout.

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